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Miami Hella Flush VI: Part 1
August 1, 2010, 10:57 pm
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I was highly disappointed after hearing that Hella Flush 6 was coming to Florida that it would be in Miami, certainly I hoped that Orlando would be the chosen site simply because of its central location and huge draw.  Either way the event occurred in Miami in conjunction with Remix which i was also not thrilled about, I have always enjoyed the groundswell that is Hella Flush but was not impressed that it would be limited to 150 cars and that it would be tagged onto an event that catered primarily to the Lowrider and Donk community, certainly both of those styles of car customization bring a lot to the table but I felt like it muddied the organic and real nature of a true Hella Flush event.  None the less the car show appears to be a huge success although i did not stick around in Miami to witness it first hand… I had to much work to get done to spend an extra day in MIA.

There was no shortness of amazing cars or people to the event

this tC is simply clean with great fitment and sporting a ton of stickers

look at the customized Scion logo

the Honda was a beast and god only knows the stupid HP this cranks out

Im glad to see these events still pull great artists and people willing to really put their cars out there as a form of self expression

pink RSX… so ill

great color scheme chosen for this 350z

this altima is so sick and so clean love it

GTR motor shot

hella dumped and the orange is one hell of an eye catcher

beast mode?!

sunworks RSX… always reppin the sunshine state right gotta love these guys

and a sick sunworks ep3

….more updates to come

Import Alliance Summer 2010 – Day 2
July 19, 2010, 12:13 am
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Day 2 was just as big as day one but the cars and pictures from day 2 are significantly more impressive

tons of people and cars

as far as the eye can see

so cool domo monster and pedobear

rusted hood del sol… this fad seems to be fading though

the interior is immaculate

unique colors also made their way in

this supercharged setup is nuts

pete is a pirate and he sits on this hatches tow hook

digi camo valve cover

tucked and shaved with a sick custom equal length manifold

simple, elegant, and so many jdm cosmetic features

this guy loves green but it is really cool

more rouge status pics

clean d series

splatter paint was definitely popular

see.. yet another

mismatched bay that somehow works

custom vinyl on the fit

flat camo green on an accord wagon… so sick

gotta love when the valve cover matches the piping… clean s2k bay

Import Alliance Summer 2010 – Day 1
July 18, 2010, 2:07 pm
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Import Alliance Summer 2010 in Tennessee has already attracted a ton of people with droves of some of the hottest imports making their way into the track

the road in was practically a parking lot in itself

the meet had tons of eg hatches many of which I have covered on here

The green s2k i had on here a few months ago has even gone thru some changes since I last saw it

the ksport air jacks are such a cool touch on this car

RHD bitches, simple, clean, respect.

this car kills me every time with its mustache

keg, surfboard, and a v dub what more could you need

ls1 in and rx7… this swap seems to get more and more popular

j swapped del sol… wow, i love the fact that he kept the green and black theme thru out

yellow and blue… what more can you say but that it oozes classic jdm (spoon sport) colors

street sweeper

gutsy call with the rims as not many cars can pull those off without looking weird but i really like it

this car is all over the place… tye dye, chrome, carbon fiber, and urban camo

the yellow and blue theme strikes again…. figures considering those are spoon sport parts in there

the ARC induction box is cool no matter what ride its in

sick nissan, respect the t tops

love the gold and green color combo on this EG it is so classy

2jz drift beast

one of my favorite car bays out there…. when i get some more pictures of this car look for a feature cause this is just too cool

i love the florescent rims… i wish i had a car i could pull that off with

Ken Morrison’s 700hp 1987 R31 Nissan Skyline
July 14, 2010, 11:26 pm
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very clean outside, with an unassuming calm to it, nothing really loud or obnoxious from the outside

but if you dont believe that car is full of power check the cloud

The engine bay is very cool with custom painted valve cover and horn to match

ahhhh rb26!

This car is absolutely amazing and a ton of money has been put into it… would it have just been cheaper to get the new GT-R… maybe but it wouldnt be near as cool as this R31

Mod List

RB26 with new Nissan 86.5mm pistons
Crower i-beam connecting rods
balanced 33 kouki crank + single crank key conversion
rb26 oil pan w/ cut transfer case, with tomei baffle plate
ported head, hemi-circle combustion chamber
HKS M45 #9 spark plugs
HKS step2 cams (272/272 10.2mm lift)
HKS springs and retainers
HKS adjustable cam gears
Tomei 1.2mm metal head gasket
Tomei metal intake and exhaust gasket
Greddy intake manifold with single Q45 throttle body conversion
Jun Oil pump
ATI Super Damper crank pulley (1000hp rated)
Trust “kouki” exhaust manifold with Jet-Hot 2000 coating
Trust Type-C wastegate
Trust T88-34D turbo
custom 90mm stainless exhaust piping into 100mm rear muffler

Fuel system:
Sard 1000cc injectors
Sard twin-entry fuel rail
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Sard 280LPH fuel pumps x2
Sard 5L Collector Tank
Walboro 255lph pump in-tank to feed collector
Bosch in-line fuel filters x2
All custom lines – twin -6 aluminum fuel lines to fuel rail
-8 aluminum fuel line for return

Cooling system:
2-core copper radiator
twin 12″ flex-a-lite fans
ARC 3 core front mount intercooler
Trust oil cooler

Footwork and chassis:
Hurst Line Lock kit
17×8.5j front 17×10.5j rear SSR SP-1 Professors
235 Star-specs (front) 275/40/17 Federal 555rs rear (need to buy better rears!)
26×10×15 Mickey Thompson ET Drags on 15×8.5j P1 rims for drag
Greddy Type-S coilovers (S15)
Cusco rear camber tops (r31)
Adjustable tension rods
S14 5 lug hubs (front)
Whiteline front sway bar
R32 GTR brakes (non-brembo)
Grex brake pads
some brand of stainless braided brake lines
Cusco master cylinder stopper
R33 Type M rear member (multi-link conversion)
Cusco rear sway bar
Dmax adjustable upper arms
Dmax traction rods
Solid sub-frame collars
Nismo front strut bar
Custom rear strut bar
7-point roll-cage
R31 house trunk-through bar
R31 house center floor bar

R33 rb25 transmission (stock!)
Uras poly transmission mount
OS TS3BW weighted flywheel triple plate clutch
Cusco 1.5way diff (GT-R)
GTR half-shafts
HICAS lockout bar

Racing Silhouette front and rear bumpers
Racing Silhouette side steps
R31 house overfenders (front)
S30z rear overfenders
R31 house/Eastbear frp hood
R31 house FRP trunk
Uras Grill
R33 Nismo clear side markers
shaved antenna, emblems, moldings, etc
some generic aero mirrors

Recaro SR-5 seats x2
Sabelt 4-point harness
Momo Jet CF steering wheel
Kenwood KVT-717 7″ screen indash DVD deck
Kenwood 25th anniversary 4channel amp XXV-02a
Kenwood 25th anniversary mono amp XXV-03a
Kenwood ES-01 6″ splits (front speakers)
Kenwood 6×9 rear speakers
Bewith Voltage regulator
Greddy SM-Integrate water and oil and exhaust temp, oil and fuel
pressure, and boost gauges
Defi 115mm tach
Defi Control Box II for playback
Greddy Profec B-spec II boost controller
Optima Yellow top battery (relocated to trunk)
HKS F-con V-pro gold version 3.24

Cup Cake Meet
July 12, 2010, 6:56 pm
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Texas subscribes to the theory that that do everything bigger, this event would seem to be no exception.  This car meet has been put into effect as a benefit to raise money for the local childrens hospital and raised $15,000 this year

As you can see there is no shortage of people, and NOS was kind enough to bring the energy

of course with those energy drinks there is never a shortage of excitement to be had

rockin the d series!

clean bag setup

the more and more common rusted hood

k swap!

AE86 lookin like a fighter plane

NOS powered ITBs :P

Turbo B Series with some intercooler spray, baller!

little Mitsubishi action

CRV with a B20/LS Vtec Frankenstein

classic looking 350z

Turbo G35 goodness


Thanks Mayday Garage for pictures from the event

Formula Drift: Evergreen Pt 2
July 11, 2010, 2:51 pm
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1st. Tanner Foust
2nd. Ryan Tuerck
3rd. Darren McNamara

There was no lack of excitement at Evergreen speedway once the top 32 were determined.  There were several wrecks throughout the afternoon including some guys powering right thru other drivers as they approached the power alley.  Vaughn Gittin Jr found himself knocked out early by Fredric Aasbo in the round of 16 allowing several guys to try to make up ground in the race for the championship.  Tanner Foust looked pretty much unstoppable all afternoon dominating guys as he reeled them in almost ever time.  The judges gave him several one more times to contend with when i felt like he was a pretty clear cut winner but by the end of the day it was pretty undeniable he was the man to beat.

Tanner Foust

Verdier in the wall

Michihiro Takatori who I felt like didnt really deserve a few decisions he got

Vaughn Gittin Jr

Fredric Aasbo knocks out Vaugn Gittin Jr, he looked really good even against Foust

Formula Drift: Evergreen
July 10, 2010, 12:30 pm
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The qualifying for the top 32 finished up last night and today the competition begins here is some footage from the practice and qualifying rounds yesterday

even for qualifying there is a lot of action going on with many fans coming out to watch their favorite drivers go hard thru the banked turns of evergreen

It is really cool to see Formula D make these events so much about fans and allowing access to drivers

The Falken pits (Left to Right: Tyler McQuarrie, Darren Mcnamara, and Vaughn Gittin Jr)

Mad Mike Whiddett reppin team Red Bull

Ross Petty, gotta love this car, by far one of the best color combos/designs out there

Forrest Wang really layin down some rubber with his supercharged g35

Sam Hubinette rockin out with some front bumper damage

After all the qualifying was said and done heres how they stand

Driver: Car #: Score:
1 V. Gittin 25 90.6
2 J. Pawlak 13 88.5
3 R. Tuerck 44 87.1
4 D. McNamara 8 86.5
5 C. Forsberg 64 86.3
6 T. Aono 86 84.6
7 T. McQuarrie 17 83.5
8 T. Foust 34 83
9 S. Hubinette 77 82.8
10 M. Takatori 5 82.3
11 C. Grunewald 79 80.7
12 D. Yoshihara 9 79.7
13 R. Millen 6 78.4
14 J. Maeng 51 76.8
15 K. Gushi 33 74.4
16 F. Aasbo 151 74.2
17 P. Mordaunt 90 74.1
18 C. Parkhouse 562 73.4
19 M. Essa 101 72.7
20 M. Powers 665 72.6
21 R. Nishida 31 72.6
22 N. Konstantinov 403 72.4
23 R. Petty 808 72
24 M. Whiddet 111 71.9
25 F. Wang 30 70.9
26 D. Kearney 43 69.7
27 C. Ng 84 65.5
28 E. O’Sullivan 25 65
29 S. Verdier 12 65
30 K. Mohan 99 65
31 B. Wilkerson 55 63
32 A. Pfeiffer 88 62.5

J Swap’d Honda
July 8, 2010, 11:44 pm
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Love it or hate it a J swap puts out some serious power… in most cases your hood suffers but who gives a shit when this is the final product

rocking some yellow Equip’s on there

A little overall look, i really think the alternate color bay sets a car off nicely

Money shot… brakes and wires tucked, with a little rust and flat gray for the engine

Bride Vios III Low Max seats and a full interior

from the rear a carbon fiber trunk and c pillar bar

overall a very nice car, and if i remember correctly there are pictures of this car driving with a hood… so its street legal!

Todd’s S13
July 7, 2010, 11:07 pm
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saw this over on shirtstuckedin and it is just too amazing not to give you all a glimpse

this car is low and the wide body kit really accentuates that

love the drivers cockpit and the very refined quality to that roll bar

Modification List:

Wiseco 20 Thou pistons 9.0-1 pistons
Eagle rods
Acl bearings
Tomei 1.5mm head gasket
Tomei 260 inlet cam
Tomei 270 exhaust cam
HKS cam gears
Tomei valve springs
Tomei rocker stoppers
Alloy engine mounts

Driveline & Brakes:

350Z gearbox modified remote shifter
ORC twin plate clutch
B & M short shifter
Custom tail shaft
Custom gearbox mount
Custom adapter plate
R32 GT-R Diff / Axles
Tomei 2-Way Differential centre
R32 GT-R brakes all round
Braided brake lines
Race pads
Aftermarket handbrake shoes
Custom handbrake cables
CNC hydraulic handbrake
Nismo gearbox mount


Reinhard exhaust, solid mounted, oval section under the sub frame
3″ flex section in dump pipe (truck setup)
Solid engine mounts
Full race exhaust manifold
44mm Tial waste gate
30/71R turbo with larger front housing
Custom alloy cooler piping
PWR intercooler
Custom alloy intake manifold
Q45 throttle body
850cc injectors on standard rail
Sard fuel reg
Koyo n flow radiator
Radiator breather swirl tank
BA falcon thermo fans
Bosch 044 pump, Walbaro pickup to surge tank
Greddy Oil cooler
Daves craig power steering cooler
Catch can


Parts shop max coilover, all adjustable arms
Custom rear springs
Nigel’s knuckles with rack spacers (angled up at 45 degrees)
Rack welded forward 20mm on the cross member
Ikeya tie rods, everything tac welded onto rack
S14 control arms, extended 10mm
S14 steering rack and new bushes, steering column solid bush
S15 rear sub frame, raised/solid mounted.


Steer wheels – SSR Agle, 18×9.5 -7 with 225/35/595
Rear wheels – SSR Agle, 18×11 -14, Work Rezax 18×11 – 13, Weds Kranze 18×11 – 13 with 255/35/595
DMAX type III body kit
DMAX bonnet (not on the car yet)
DMAX roof and boot wing
Rocket bunny rear guards, pulled out to about 80mm from 30mm they are meant for
Standard front metal guards flared out
5% Window tint
Clear headlight cover
Clear indicators painted orange
Clear tail lights painted red
East bar mirrors


2 x Bride Zeta III
2 x Takata harnesses
Nardi steering wheel, 50mm spacer
Suede covered S13 dash
Defi gauges
Greddy gear knob
Full weld in cage
Stich welded chassis
Haltech platinum ECU
Oddysey battery
Gutted doors, with electric windows
Parcel shelf removed.

K20 swapped ES1
July 6, 2010, 6:35 pm
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