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512 Project: Event Coverage
June 27, 2010, 11:26 am
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These pictures are in no real particular order so dont read anything into that I think all these cars are phenomenal as a matter of fact some of the more amazing pieces of art are further down in this gallery.

This even was a great success showing the collaborative genius of Fatlace and StanceWorks

The even was packed with cars and people and plenty of photographers as im sure you will see plenty more pictures pop up all over the next few days

I love the melding of old and new parts with no intention to make them look at all like they belong together

Gundam style Evo

Bagged and layin frame with all that beautiful rust

sick fitment on this Z with some blue rims that force your eyes to  look

Acura sedan killin it with the pink… real men wear pink shoes!

The marvel of a beautiful 2jz stuffed in their with ITBs and all the modern day go fast parts to make this a true sleeper

lime green… nuff said… it is eye catching and the green and black theme is clean

rx7 looking immaculate

elitist, i love that sticker, and the color combos give this Z a very sinister look



240 and others

one of the cleanest flat black cars i have seen in a long time and those rims are stuffed in their

Mayday garage really showing up in full force, and props on their very cool runs into the show

silver and gold!

well done Z

THE ARTWORK is PHENOMENAL here and it carries all over this car, some artist put in a ton of time on this Subaru

clean s15

the lead car on the mayday garage capital run, she is slammed

another clean flat black car, VW guys know how to do it


Nos s2000

top secret s2000

Takata green Volks

front clip swap?!

another phenomenal artist with a very tasteful 350z

Hella Dumped, serious camber and serious tuck

Soarer! really clean

yet another Z

I thought the positioning of this car was great it makes it look like this car was drifting and kinda got off the track

all in all I think this event was a great success and I would love to see more collaborative efforts by Fatlace and StanceWorks with some Mayday Garage assistance these 3 blogs never cease to amaze me and I would love to see more guys following a similar model as Fatlace, StanceWorks, and Mayday Garage


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