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Formula Drift: Evergreen Pt 2
July 11, 2010, 2:51 pm
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1st. Tanner Foust
2nd. Ryan Tuerck
3rd. Darren McNamara

There was no lack of excitement at Evergreen speedway once the top 32 were determined.  There were several wrecks throughout the afternoon including some guys powering right thru other drivers as they approached the power alley.  Vaughn Gittin Jr found himself knocked out early by Fredric Aasbo in the round of 16 allowing several guys to try to make up ground in the race for the championship.  Tanner Foust looked pretty much unstoppable all afternoon dominating guys as he reeled them in almost ever time.  The judges gave him several one more times to contend with when i felt like he was a pretty clear cut winner but by the end of the day it was pretty undeniable he was the man to beat.

Tanner Foust

Verdier in the wall

Michihiro Takatori who I felt like didnt really deserve a few decisions he got

Vaughn Gittin Jr

Fredric Aasbo knocks out Vaugn Gittin Jr, he looked really good even against Foust


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