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Miami Hella Flush VI: Part 1
August 1, 2010, 10:57 pm
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I was highly disappointed after hearing that Hella Flush 6 was coming to Florida that it would be in Miami, certainly I hoped that Orlando would be the chosen site simply because of its central location and huge draw.  Either way the event occurred in Miami in conjunction with Remix which i was also not thrilled about, I have always enjoyed the groundswell that is Hella Flush but was not impressed that it would be limited to 150 cars and that it would be tagged onto an event that catered primarily to the Lowrider and Donk community, certainly both of those styles of car customization bring a lot to the table but I felt like it muddied the organic and real nature of a true Hella Flush event.  None the less the car show appears to be a huge success although i did not stick around in Miami to witness it first hand… I had to much work to get done to spend an extra day in MIA.

There was no shortness of amazing cars or people to the event

this tC is simply clean with great fitment and sporting a ton of stickers

look at the customized Scion logo

the Honda was a beast and god only knows the stupid HP this cranks out

Im glad to see these events still pull great artists and people willing to really put their cars out there as a form of self expression

pink RSX… so ill

great color scheme chosen for this 350z

this altima is so sick and so clean love it

GTR motor shot

hella dumped and the orange is one hell of an eye catcher

beast mode?!

sunworks RSX… always reppin the sunshine state right gotta love these guys

and a sick sunworks ep3

….more updates to come


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